What is blindeye?

Blindeye was born from the desire to create a platform for local artists and artisans who are creating beautiful poetry, music, and art under our very noses. We are all aware of how international artists are flourishing, but few notice the gems that are shining in our local scene. (Fine, maybe you are kühl and follow these talented humans already but either way, Blindeye will give you an inside scoop into the lives of some of our favourite local artists.) We want to share with you the beauty. Allll the beauty. 

Another aspect of our magazine that lies very close to our hearts is addressing issues that people tend to turn a blind eye to. What you shouldn’t mention at the dinner table will be mentioned here. What makes you raise your eyebrows, blush, giggle or secretly want more will be laid bare on the (web)pages of this magazine. We want to challenge your perception of the world or simply expand on it. Whether you see yourself as liberal or conservative, we hope there is something for everyone. And maybe even the tannie that usually wrinkles her nose will find herself saying: “yes” and “amen” to what is discussed in Blindeye. 

We hope to inspire not only the appreciation and pursuit of art but also for you “to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”. 

With love,

Willow and Maria

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